It’s Good to Have Aliens on Our Side! Chelyabinsk Meteor Shot Down, 15 February 2013.

Chelyabinsk meteor was shot down by some mysterious fighter craft, approaching from behind with tremendous speed.You see the quick pass, pieces coming from the meteor and meteor explodes, burning violently and disintegrating in mid-air. The moment the craft opened fire is exactly the same when electronic devices in Chelyabinsk were fried up and the blast from explosion shattered window glass all over the city.

See it all in stills:


1. Deadly meteor is going down. Tunguska-size disaster seems unavoidable.


2. But some mysterious craft appearing near the tail and chasing the killer meteor.


3. Closing in from behind


4. Opens fire …


5. …and blasting the core. Blast is frying up electronic devices in the area and shattering window glass all over the city.


6. Pieces are coming out from the core.


7. More pieces.


8. Craft overеtaking  the  meteor…


9. continuing fast forward, without loosing height or changing form…


10. Leaving meteor far behind and disappearing.


11. Burning meteor…


12. …disintegrating in the mid-air.


13. … leaving only small pieces, found later on the ground. (The largest on the photo is about 0.5 inches in diameter)


According RosKosmos meteor’s speed was 30 km per second, Russian Academy of Science estimated speed as 15-20 km per second and meter’s weight is thought to be close to 10 metric tons, with the size several meters in diameter. Meteor became visible on course between Emanzhelinsk and Miass in only 30-40 seconds before the disintegration, following course 290 degrees. It disintegrated in the mid-air 15-20 km above the Earth, just  south from Chelyabinsk.


Thanks, aliens! Or were they? Stay tuned…

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