The faces of the Waffen - SS

The faces of the Waffen - SS

"Fast" troops

"Fast" troops

"Fast" troops

Reconnassance group follows the enemy

Reconnassance group follows the enemy

In the lead ...

In the lead...

Always on the move

Destination will be announced

Destination will be announced

"Column will march here!"

Forward down the endless road

Battalion command post

Early in the morning hour

March on position

March on position


... on the top of narrow dams, criss-crossing lowlands

Just before the contact with the enemy

Ammo carrier


Heavy machine gun

Enemy is close

Now is the Luftwaffe turn

Division commander

That was a day!

The jump over the dam

The forest is cleared

The foxhole

I had ...

a comrade ...

After rapid attack the last house is reached

In the vanguard

Our youngest


The village is cleared

Street is under fire

PAK to the front

Platoon leader

And now - forward!

Catching the breath

PAK without an engine ...

... but manned by the soldiers ...

... holding ...


... firing ...

... and taking

A dangerous craft

The winner

Infantry ... Infantry

Hot days ...

... hot nights

That was in Aire

The motorized infantry covers

With and ...

... behind the Panzer

More, always more

The company

Attention ...

... What's next?

The carts were left behind

The strike team

Keep silence!

Order was issued. - Assamble!

Leader, noncommissioned officer and private


Before a great cause

When does it start?

Place ...

... is expected to be cleared!

Emerging from the cover

The chief's order

The patrol leader

Battalion Adjutant is wounded

Our Stukas are punctual as always

Meter by meter ...

... the company crawls...

... in anticipation of the decisive moment

The short break

The firepower is brought forward

"Goal is achieved!"

Now the artillery will speak

The front soldiers of 1940

The front soldiers of 1940

Sleep is important ...

... and munitions too

Good camouflage is a half of success

Same goes on

And then the Pioneers come

Across the Schelde, the Meuse and the Rhine ...

Water ...

... can't stop

On the other side

Soon the bridge will be here!

The observer

The fire protection

Corporal and private

Across the open field

Lull in fight

The sergeant

Is not that bad!

The doctor returns

Things went well again

Everyone is found


Where is the Tommy?

A quick gulp

Connection, connection!

Soldier and ...

.. reporting war correspondent

Nothing like dismount the motorcycles!

PAK is preferred

Hundred meters ditch ...

... feels like a mile long

Forward, forward

But the blessing comes from above

As practiced a thousand times

But some remains

Be careful


Resistance in the city...

...will soon be broken

The dispatch rider

"Let's go!"

Between two orders

But there was not much time

The long arm of the infantry

Blast off

The artillery of the ordinary men

Equivalent of a detector mechanism


Only a few lines


For the duty

For the duty

"... We march, we march into France!"

Photos and text by Friedrich Zschäckel