Soviet Propaganda Album


Red Army tanks during fall maneuvers of 1937.


Founders of the Red Army







Lenin in his Kremlin 0ffice




Lenin and Stalin in Smolny Institute in October 2017. Drawing by I. Vasail’ev


Lenin’s arrival in Petrograd, April 1917


Petrograd Red Guard, May 1, 1917


Storm of the Winter palace. Drawing by V. Scheglov


Lenin in Smolny, October 2017. Painting by M. Sokolov


Red Guard is entering Kremlin. Painting by E. Lissner


Poor Peasants Regiment, 1918


Lenin and Stalin reading telegraph tapes


Defense of Tsaritsyn, Panoramic painting by P. Dobrynin and I. Kotov. Fragment 1.


Defense of Tsaritsyn, Panoramic painting by P. Dobrynin and I. Kotov. Fragment 2.


Defeat of Yudenich near Pulkov. Painting by I. Vladimirov


Breakthrough at the Polish Front by First Cavalry Army in 1920. Painting by M. Avilov.


Disarming of the elements of Kolchak Army in Siberia. Painting by M. Avilov.


Red Army takes Kazan. Painting by R. Frentz


Storming Perekop fortifications. Panoramic painting by V. Anvilov, I. Kotov and G. Savitsky.


Fight for Volochaevsk positions


Lenin speaks to Red Army troops, earmarked for the Polish Front in 1920. Painting by I. Brodsky.


Lenin and Stalin in 1919.


Stalin’s Arrival to the First Cavalry Army in Novy Oskol, December 6, 1919. Painting by M. Avilov.


Stalin. Tsaritsyn Front, 1919.


Voroshilov, member of the Revolutionary Military Council of the First Cavalry Army (191-1920).


Voroshilov near M. Frunze’s grave (1925)


Voroshilov after promotion to the People’s Commissar of the Military and Navy


What Does Red Army Protect?


Dnepr Hydro Power Station


Soviet Industry


Kolkhoz Land Ownership Act


Gathering Crops


Drawing of the Palace of the Soviets


Modern construction in Soviet cities


Telephone Station


Listening Radio


Soviet kids


Happy Childhood


Vacation rights


Red Army Sanatorium on the Black Sea


Stalin and Voroshilov


Stalin, Molotov. Voroshilov

Sport Parade in Leningrad


Statue of Stalin


The Draft


Be Prepared for the Defense of the Socialist Motherland


Be Ready for the Chemical Attack Defense

Draft is a mandatory responsibility and is governed by law


Soviet Youth is Happy to join Red Army

Suitable for the Service


“Red Army became a Mechanized Army” (Voroshilov)


Red Army Artillery is ready to perform any combat mission


Soviet Sea borders are well protected


Machine-gunners work hard to achieve sniper accuracy


Red Cavalry is ready to crush an enemy


Hidden deep in the forest, radiomen provide connection between the various elements of the Army


Heavy transport airplane will soar into the air and deliver parachutist to any place as required


“We must keep our Red Army in full battle readiness and increase its performance” (Lenin).


Our great Party of Lenin and Stalin organized Red Army and made it invincible


Working People’s Army


On May 1 Red Army’s Young Soldiers take the Oath of Allegiance to the Soviet Motherland


“I am the son of the Working People…”


“I undertake to wear this title with honor…”


“I undertake, at the first call of the workers 'and peasants' government…”


Military Parade, May 1, 1937


Preparing for the Socialist Motherland's Defense


Announcing the beginning of a new day in the Navy


At this hour hundreds of thousand soldiers are engaged in physical exercises


Day-to-day Combat Training


We have enough soldiers to protect our homeland


Red Army works to master the art of shooting, hit targets at all distances and under any circumstances


Machine-guns play a decisive role in modern defenses

Red Cavalrymen hone their skills to perfection


Red Army Mountain Troops conduct training exercises in the most difficult conditions


Role of artillery is very important


Control of the airspace is critical


Conducting airborne assault operations is one of the most sophisticated art, mastered by the Red Army


The Red Army tankers can cross the swamps, rivers and even sea bays

Military engineers keep up with the demand of the modern Red Army


Military reconnaissance keeps an enemy under constant observation


Camouflage is a very important part of the art of war

The Red Army soldiers are fed well


Red Army must to fight at night time as effectively as during the day hours. Assault from the air will be detected by sound trap devices.


Search light will illuminate enemy’s airplanes


and machine-guns and artillery will hit targets with great accuracy


Red Army is not only fighting machine, but also it helps to educate soldiers politically and become citizens


“We improve education of our soldiers” (Voroshilov)


“I personally know many soldiers, who continue their education after the service, became journalists, and even writers” (Voroshilov)


The Red Army soldiers and seamen of the Navy learn The Constitution of their Soviet Motherland


Soviet Military Academies


Leisure Time


Every military unit has its orchestras, singers and dancers

Socialist culture of the Soviet commanders is a very important condition for the effective combat and special military technical education


Red Army recognizes artistic and musical talents of the Red Army soldiers


Red Army soldiers must be strong physically


Seamen have merry and happy leisure time


Red Army soldiers and commanders have great sanatoriums in Crimea in the Caucasus


Red Army maintains its own clubs


Ready to Fight


Signal to start fall military maneuvers


Troops are preparing to take jump-off positions


Tank and cavalry columns on the move


Always on the move


Field radio station, mounted reconnaissance, military report writings


Skillful camouflage


Work at headquarters


“Eastern” troops played active defense


“Attacks” were met with unexpected resistance, accurate shooting and counter-attacks.

Preparing for the main battle. “Eastern” troops concentrated powerful mechanized resources to attack “Western”.


Preparing for the main battle. “Eastern” troops concentrated powerful mechanized resources to attack “Western”. River crossing was successful, accurate fire neutralized “enemy forces”, trying to interfere with the crossing.


Soldiers in gas masks went forward through clouds of poisonous gas.


Moving machine guns to the new positions, and cut barbed wire


Infantry attacks


In the lull of the “fighting” officers and soldiers enthusiastically discussed the most important moments of the “battle”.


While waiting for the next orders. tankers warmly chatted with collective farm workers


Sappers built pontoon bridge very quickly.


People’s Commissar of the USSR Defense Voroshilov observed carefully the timing of the operations


Red Army successfully checked its battle readiness


Sounds of the powerful motors was heard everywhere.


Fighters were flying patrols high in the air. Ground support planes were flying low. Heavy bombers went on to hit the distant targets.


Tanks suddenly attacked. They cover fields for miles negotiated anti-tank ditches and steep slopes.


Motorized infantry was carried by trucks to the battle positions.


Parachutists landed fast and preparing for the unexpected attacks in the enemy’s rare.


Cavalry prepared for the decisive attack


Cavalry attacks with air support


Navy was also preparing for the “battle”. Powerful battleships were going to meet enemy fleet.

Battleship artillery is ready for action. Ships were supported by air reconnaissance.


After the maneuvers soldiers returned, greeted by collective farm workers. They know that Red Army under Bolshevik party will be capable to defend sacred borders of the Socialist Motherland.


Soviet Country is Well-prepared


New border guards will replace fallen heroes.


Our greetings to the border soldiers of the Soviet land.


Our Red Army is the one with the Soviet people. People loves Red Army, since it protects people’s freedom and happy life.


“Our steps to piece must be accompanied by the constant increase of our military preparedness” (Lenin)


Wives of the military commanders actively prepare for the defense of the Soviet Motherland.


All our youth and adults prepare actively for the defense.

At the front and in the rear Soviet Country prepares to meet an enemy and destroy it completely


Soviet country prepares thousands of young pilots, selflessly devoted to the Soviet Motherland.





Main photo contributors:B. Dorofeev, Y. Chalip, V. Shachovsky, D. Shulkin,

With photos by: Soyuzphoto, Museum of the Red Army, Museum of the Revolution. A. Garanin, N. Granovsky, D. Debabov, G. Zelma, B. Kudoyarov, A. Malberg, M. Ozersky, I. Otzup, A. Skurichin, E. Fedotov, I. Shagin, A. Shterenberg