Drawing by Kurt Caesar


On December 9th 1940 British unleashed their major offensive against Sidi el Barani, hoping to take the entire Italian and North African coast in their possession. Italy lost Cyrenaica. But the very first days of February 1941 brought a big surprise: the British stopped their offensive in the Agedabia. The vast extension of the supply routes of 1000 km long forced them to take a respite to organize the subsequent advance to Tripoli. This undeniable initial success was extensively exploited for propaganda purposes. The world held its breath. In that critical days, the first units of the German Africa Corps landed in Tripoli. Behind the scenes a tough and grim battle for the replenishment had begun. Which of the two opponents will be able to strike decisive blow first? The leadership of the DAK was entrusted to a young general who was a tactical Instructor at a well-known German military school before the war...

General Field Marshal Rommel


General - Lieutenant Cruwell


Colonel i.g. Bayerlein, Chief of the DAK HQ


Major-General Neumann Sylkow


Major-General von Ravenstein


Major-General Sommermann


“... Where we can beat England, England will be beaten" Fuhrer on January 30, 1941


Map of the Western Mediterranean


Map of the Eastern Mediterranean


Italian tanks in Tripoli Harbor


English tanks and infantry in attack


Uaddan Tower and Hotel in Tripoli


View of the Tripoli Harbor


Lieutenant Colonel Graf von Klinkowström, Chief of the DAK Transportation


Italian-German convoy traveling


Air battle of Caproni Ghibli with 6 Spitfires


Savoia torpedo planes attacks an enemy convoy


View of the Great Mosque of Homs


Albergo Sirte


General view of Sirte


Motorcade in the sand near En-Nofilia


Camels in the desert in Sirte


PAK thwarts British attempt to break through


Center of settlement with the Empire fountain of En-Nofilia


Desert fort at En-Nofilia


Native settlement at En-Nofilia


The Via Balbia between Bivio En-Nofilia and Marble Arch


Marble Arch on the border of Tripoli and Cyrenaica


German tanks in El-Agheila


View of Agedabia from the west


The military cemetery of Agedabia


The battlefield in 18 km from Agedabia


Tanks advancing in Cyrenaica


View of Ghemines from Via Balbia


The Fieseler Storch of General Rommel passes above the German column in desert


Marabout Islamic School in Solluch


The destroyed narrow gauge railway station in Solluch


Destroyed waterworks in Solluch


Desert fort seen from the south of El Mechili


Signpost at El Mechili


Inner courtyard of El Mechili desert fort


West side of El Mechili desert fort


General view of the El Mechili desert fort


Desert fort Pessana, view from Via Balbia


Desert fort Sidi El Magrun with English tank sunk in sand on the foreground


Desert fort at El-Guarscia


City of Benghazi, Official buildings




Ancient mausoleum at Ptolemaida


The Valley of Caves in the North Cyrenaica


Military Cemetery at Derna


"White House" in Tobruk


Mark II attacks Italian positions


Italian anti-tank crew preparing to fight approaching enemy


Stukas attack enemy motorized forces




English tank attacks at Segnali


Tanks of Italian "Arierte" division in attack


Change of position of a heavy flak on a battlefield in Cyrenaica


Heavy machine-gun position in Cyrenaica


Night battle in the desert


Italian infantry waiting for the enemy infantry


Transport airplanes Ju-52


The bullet-riddled Church of Bardia


The coast at Bardia


The so-called “Bath Bay” of Bardia


Flak and vehicles on the steep shore near Bardia


Fort Capuzzo after battles of the summer 1941


Mark II near Capuzzo


First houses of Upper Sollum


Panzer III breaks through


Italy infantry in counterattack


Enemy is coming!


German fighter attacks Spitfire


Broken English attack on the Halfaya Pass


View from the Serpentine Upper Sollum to the Gulf and the Harbor


Low Sollum


The Ice Factory near Sollum


View of Halfaya Pass


Wrecks of a British attack between Halfaya Pass and barbed wire


Heavy armored reconnaissance vehicle at Sidi Suleiman


German reconnaissance at Sidi Suleiman


One of the characteristic "Uadi"


Outpost "Cirener"


Italian - German positions in the Egyptian desert wasteland


Italy fighter plane in the low-level attack


Antitank crew position at outpost “Cova"


Field kitchen at a front outpost


Landser makes yourself comfortable


Slopes and barbed wire at Sidi Omar


German tanks run over enemy battery position


German tanks destroy Indian artillery at Sidi Omar


Battle of two scorpions