by Heinrich Hoffmann


REICHSTAG, September 1, 1939


The Reichstag President, Field Marshal Hermann Goering, opened the historic meeting of the Reichstag with a short speech at 10 am on Friday morning


Danzig - the beautiful old German city. View of the St. Mary's Cathedral


"Danzig was and is a German city! The Corridor was and is German!"

"The Versailles Treaty means nothing for Germans!"


Ethnic German refugee families from the Province of Volhynia seek protection in the Reich


"Poland has unleashed the fight against the Free City of Danzig!"


"I have therefore now decided to speak to Poland in the same language that Poland applies for months against us!"


1 will make sure that our border in the east will be peaceful as on our other frontiers.


Deutschland – Sieg Hail!


Reich Chancellery, on September 3, 1939: The Fuhrer signed his appeal to the German people


Before their departure, the Poles blew the great Vistula Bridge near Dirschau


The destroyed railway station in Dirschau - a witness of Polish destruction


Polish prisoners on their march to Berlin


Counterattack forward


Sortie over the clouds!


A Polish airfield has been bombed


Only important military targets have been hit!


Our Luftwaffe dive-bombers in action,


bombing Polish bunker line on Mlawa


German artillery rush through a burning village in Poland


This detachments will overcome any difficult terrain


A silent witness of the senseless Polish vandalism


Light infantry guns cross water stream at full gallop


The ethnic Germans of the city of Tarnow


Greet liberators of their home!


Our motorcycle riflemen leading the way through smoking ruins


German cavalry patrol riding through flaming village


One of the many transit camps of captured Polish weapons


This German farm was burned down by Poles


German infantry in the Polish village


German Infantry - constantly on the heels of the enemy!


Polish snipers are taken out of their holes!


The guns of the "Schleswig-Holstein" thunder - and Westerplatte  is burning brightly


Stubborn resistance was broken: they had to surrender


Order to attack: light armored car going in action from dense bush


All hands to work: German advance is breaking through inexorably


The Poles blown up all bridges - and yet advance continues


The Fuhrer motorcade driving through the Tuchel Heath to the front


An unexpected encounter: combat soldiers meeting the Fuhrer


Ethnic German peasant family returns to home soil


Their fate was hard! But the words of the Liberator give new courage


Under the eyes of the Fuhrer our army crossing the Vistula River


After the crossing of the Upper Vistula River: Polish soil was fought over in tough marches – rest is always brief


Our combat engineers work tirelessly


Everywhere they pave the way for their victorious comrades


Also work detachments are here


Austrian soldiers cross the San River


The bridge is up to all requirements of our combat engineers


Men with spades meet the Fuehrer motorcade on their way to Lodz


Wounded tell their Fuhrer about quiet devotion to the duty


The Fuhrer welcomes General of Artillery von Reichenau


Everyone wants to see him! - Comrade among comrades


All eyes are shining - all hands are up in salute!


On the front with General of Artillery von Küchler


The Fuhrer is here! - Ethnic German girl cheers him


Everybody wants to see him! – The car can move forward only very slowly


This lieutenant captured the standard of the Polish 8th Rifle Regiment on horseback


General of Armored troops Guderian making his report


and Major-General Lichel describes the course of the battle


General of Infantry Strauss and General of Artillery von Kluge reporting the situation


Comradely handshake with General of Infantry Blaskowitz


The Fuhrer discussing tactical situation with General of Artillery, Major-General von Reichenau and General-Major Crantz


The Fuhrer and Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces discusses flow of the battle with Colonel General List


and General of Artillery von Reichenau


Major General Crantz informed Fuhrer about the use of his troops


The Fuhrer and Supreme Commander thanked Colonel-General List


General von Bock reported that Mlawa has been taken


The Fuhrer discussing the tactical situation with General von Rundstedt


With only the big goal in mind


- on the military roads of today!


The head of the entire operations of the army in Poland: Colonel General von Brauchitsch and his Chief of Staff, General of Artillery Halder


In the Fuhrer HQ on the Eastern Front: Colonel-General Keitel reports to the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces


On the same day when British tried to provoke Poles for a re-conquest -


-  Fuhrer visited Lodz, where workers everywhere are going back to the streets in order to bring order


Fuhrers motorcade goes through Polish territory. The escort squad secures the ride


On these dusty roads Fuhrer meets yet again with incalculable columns of Polish prisoners


First Soldier at the goulash cannon -


one with them in trouble and Victory


The winner returns Danzig to the Reich


Westerplatte in German hands: the dream of "Polish sea" is now in the past


Gdynia, "one of the most important bases of the Polish sea" becomes Gotenhafen again


The Supreme Commander with the brave crew of the "Schleswig-Holstein"


Order has been carried on - bridge over the Narew River is destroyed


A Polish town ...


near Bug Canal  


With Fuhrer airplane on the way to the frontline leaders


Where it came to air combat, the enemy has been broken


Congratulations from the Fuhrer


Air General Kesselring reported about military action


Just a single bomb - and that what was left from a Polish armored train


The Fuhrer and his entourage visited the destroyed armored car


The dive bombers did a great job!


Field Marshal Goering leader in the Headquarters


The Fuhrer sit for a discussion with Reich Minister of the Foreign Affairs von Ribbentrop


The Supreme Commander and his Wehrmacht adjutant


Admiral Dr. c h. Raeder is going to report


Thanks for brave commitment of his bodyguard to the Supreme commander


These men of the Leibstandarte have particularly distinguished themselves


Reichsführer SS Himmler in Gotenhafen


On observation of the Warsaw suburb of Praga


The barrage of German artillery on the fortress Warsaw going according the schedule


Under its protection infantry pushes further and further into the Polish capital


The bombardment has made resistance of the Polish city commander inevitably futile


Barricades blocking the streets of the big city in order to stop the German advance


The Polish peace emissaries came, their situation is serious


General Blaskowitz presenting surrender terms in the carriage of the Army High Command


The Fuhrer and Supreme Commander speaks in the new Reich Chancellery to the commanding officers of the campaign (Click on the image to enlarge).

From left to right: Colonel-General von Bock, Colonel-General List, General of Artillery Kuchler, General of Infantry von Reichenau, Gross Admiral Dr.h c. Raeder, General-Admiral Albrecht, Rear Admiral Schniewind, General of Infantry Blaskowitz, General of Artillery Halder, General of Artillery von Kluge, Colonel-General Milch, Air General Kesselring, Air General Lohr and Major-General Jeschonnek.


Poland is defeated! - The remains of a million-strong army go into captivity


The leader of all Germans has arrived to the Polish capital


The "campaign of eighteen days" has gone down in history


The great battle for German freedom is completed


Fuhrer’s Armed Forces is the pride of the German nation


and at the Reichstag session of 6 October 1939 the world heard about new ways to peace